Top Online and Social CRM Apps

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can help a business to manage interactions with customers, clients and prospects. Some of the best features of CRM apps are the implementation of technology to help a business to organize, automate and synchrinize business processes.

With the availability of cloud computing technology today, web-based CRM (including social CRM) has played an important role in increasing a busihness’ bottom line. The problem is, there are many CRM apps on the market today.

This fantastic infographic by GetApp shows you some of the major CRM apps, such as SAP, Salesforce, Sage CRM, Zendesk,, and many more. You can also learn the “demographics” of the CRM apps, including types of CRM, age/size of the CRM companies, popularity, compatibility, and some other metrics. Check out this cloud computing infographic to see the comparisons in detail that can help you decide on which CRM apps to choose.

top crm apps

Via GetApp 

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  1. There’s some really nice comparisons between the different types of CRM there. Of course you do need think about how each one will work with your business and how flexible each system is. I would look at testing them out and talking to suppliers before making a decision.

    • Ivan says:

      Hi CRM Cloud Software Guy,

      Indeed – the best way is to test things out and make use of the free offers when available :)

    • says:

      Yes, that´s definitely a good approach! The purpose of this infographics was partly that. Narrow down the amount of software solutions that are interesting for your business to maybe 2 or 3 and get a free trial for those software.

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