Big Data Trends: Ready to Explode!

Business owners – here’s a question for you: Are businesses ready for 650 percent more data in 5 years? The exponential growth of data has lead to a new trend in IT: Big data – referring to datasets that are so large that they are difficult to capture, store, search, share, analyze and visualize.

The big data trends has lead to new breed of database technology: Non-relational database allowing data to reveal its own structure and patterns. This is revolutionary shift, as it ended the dominance of relational database in the past 40 years. The world of data analytics also enters a new era, with enhanced ability to reveal insights literally in every database field.

Check out this infographic released by CSC to learn more on the fundamental changes in how we store, produce, process and analyze data (please click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via CSC 

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