E-invoicing Fails to Deliver

Not everything digitalized delivers. This is the case with e-invoicing. A research commissioned by Tradeshift reveals that e-invoicing has failed to deliver on its promise. In what way e-invoicing fail and what are the solutions to the problems?

The Tradeshift research reveals that, despite being initially adopted mainly due to cost saving and efficiency considerations, e-invoicing fails to deliver due to the exact same reasons why it’s adopted: It’s either too costly and actually causing inefficiency. 57 percent of respondents agree that if the e-invoicing is free to use by all suppliers, they will definitely adopt electronic invoicing.

Tradeshift, a business network for free online invoicing and the developer of free-to-use cloud-based, social-media-enabled e-invoicing solutions, published an infographic to visualize the research findings, from which you can learn about why e-invoicing fails and how Tradeshift can make online invoicing work by offering two capabilities not offered by other electronic invoicing service providers: Cloud-based, and social media functions to make e-invoicing even more accessible. Check it out (click for the original size):

electronic invoicing infographic

Via Tradeshift 

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