Cloud Computing Risks and the Private Clouds

There is a trend going on right now in the world of cloud computing: Businesses that have their data in public cloud are gradually migrating theirs into their private cloud. Zynga social game company, for example, has migrated most of its data from AWS to its private cloud, zCloud, while using AWS – the public cloud – as a backup. The main reason of the trend? Data security issues with public cloud service providers.

The trend is supported by several research findings, including the survey presented in a cloud computing infographic by CopperBridge Media. The survey on nearly 500 tech executives reveals that 64 percent of respondents feel that data security in the cloud is a serious risk. Alongside of that finding, 57 percent of survey respondents indicated that private cloud will be the best IT solution in 3 years time. So, yes – private cloud computing will play a major role in 2015.

Here is the cloud infographic:

cloud computing infographic


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