How to Talk about Cloud Computing Like a Pro

Cloud computing is still confusing to many of us. With so many cloud-related jargon we have today – cloud lock-in, cloud sprawl, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS, virtualization, cloud hosting, etc. – it’s often difficult for an average person to understand those things. But you need to learn the cloud for some reasons – here’s one of them: When you are in the middle of business networking with people who understand cloud computing, talking their language can offer you a bigger chance of getting noticed – and getting business. But fear not, this cloud computing infographic can help you out!

The cloud infographic released by Get Satisfaction, a company offering a way to build online communities for companies and their customers to have productive conversations, is both hilarious and inspiring. You can grab a hold of cloud lingo that can help you having a meaningful conversation with tech guys (even if you are not one) and potential customers who are cloud-literate; just like the tag line of the infographic reads: How to fake your way through a cloud computing conversation.

Check out the fascinating cloud computing infographic (click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via Get Satisfaction 

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