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Various industries are adopting the cloud to make their IT infrastructure leaner and cost-effective – this includes the airline industry. Cloud computing is a hot topic today in the industry. So, what are the benefits of cloud computing to airline industry?

According to Amadeus, one of the leading providers of IT solutions for travel and tourism industry, a recent survey reveals that 93 percent of airlines worldwide will or planning to have Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and virtualization ready by the end of 2014. Why the airlines adopt IaaS? There are numerous reason, but the top 4 reasons would be increased flexibility, reduced IT costs, enhanced scalability, and variable cost model (or pay-as-you-go or pay-what-you-use model.)

Amadeus released a cloud computing infographic (a promotional one) showing you how Amadeus community cloud can offer the airline industry with all 4 major reasons of cloud computing adoption above. The cloud infographic also shows you the timeline of Amadeus in the cloud, since 1987. Here is the infographic (please click for the original size):

cloud computing infographic

Via Amadeus 

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