Cloud Computing: From Hype to Reality

With all the hypes surrounding cloud computing, it’s often easy for us to get carried away. Let’s keep grounded and question this: Has the cloud delivered its promises?

Well, the cloud promises many things to those adopting cloud computing into their organizations: Increase productivity, enhance innovations, lower IT-related costs, and many other promises. With some say that the cloud bubble will burst soon, some others believe that cloud computing is the way to go; and to many, the cloud has delivered its promises.

Check out this cloud computing infographic by NetApp (click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via HPC in the Cloud

The public cloud computing services will soar to $72 billion in 2015 fro $21 billion in 2010: The reasons? Largely because the cloud delivers. The best way is to have a look at the examples – here’s one…

The City of Melrose achieved 40 percent cost savings as the city built a secure, multi-tenant private cloud. What’s more, the city is offering data center and IT services to nearby cities and towns in Massachusetts, generating revenue for the city. Wow.

Of course, there will be some promises yet to fulfill; but we are getting there. I recommend you to download and read this free white paper about whether the cloud has turned its promises into realities: The cloud: Promises and realities

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