The Internet (and the Cloud) in 2020

Did you know that there will be 5 billion Internet users in 2020? With that being said, there will be about two-third of world’s population who are also Internet users. Indeed, you can’t escape the Net – and the cloud!

I have just stumbled on a fascinating infographic about the state of the Internet in 2020. The inforgraphic released by Silicon Republic shows you Top 10 Internet trends that will happen by 2020 – you might want to keep an eye on trend no. 6: More services will be in the cloud as it offers many benefits, such as cost cutting, improved agility, and more. Revenue-wise, cloud computing will surpass the $45 billion mark by 2015. Definitely a trend to watch!

Here’s the infographic (please click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via Silicon Republic 

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