How to Choose the Right Hosting Solution

When hosting a site, not only your choice of hosting provider, your decision on hosting solution also plays a very important role. Choosing the wrong hosting solution can present you with costly and powerful hosting solution you don’t actually need; moreover, you could end up running your site on web server that brings you headaches due to the technical complexity.

Now with the emergence of cloud hosting, your task in choosing the right hosting solution is even more perilous; do I really need my site in the cloud? Is the cloud really answering your problems or creating new problems for you? And many other things you should ask yourself.

While you are at it, check out this infographic by Rackspace; the infographic shows you a simple diagram that can help you decide which hosting solution is right for you depending on the type of site you want to host. It’s rather simplistic and not really accurate, but overall it’s a good guide to help you decide which hosting solution is the best-fit for your website.

cloud computing infographic

Via Rackspace UK 

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