Avaya Network Insight 2012

Business continuity remains to be the biggest challenge IT professionals need to face with their network, according to Avaya’s Network Insight 2012 Live Poll. Of course, the survey has not been concluded yet, so there might be changes ahead – but nevertheless, we can see what’s on decision makers’ mind when it comes to networking.

Avaya has released a cloud networking infographic based on January 2012’s results of Network Insight 2012 research. There are some interesting facts we can learn from the infographic, such as the fact that most respondents consider hybrid cloud networking to be suitable for their business; one more fact: 20 percents of respondents haven’t done any major network updates in 4 years time.

For more interesting facts, please check out this cloud infographic by Avaya (click on the infograhpic for the original size.)

cloud networking infographic

Via Visual.ly – created by Avaya 

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