Cloud Job Creation Trends in U.S. 2012-2015

Cloud computing plays an important role in creating jobs in the US. According to a recent study released by IDC on February 2012, there will be 1,099,800 cloud computing jobs created in the US out of 13,8 million cloud jobs worldwide by 2015. The projected number of cloud jobs will rank the US third, behind China and India.

The 1 million cloud jobs represent a 66 percent cloud-related jobs growth in 2012-2015 period. Which US cities are the leaders? Well, among the other surveyed, New York will lead the pack with 99,000 new cloud jobs created by 2015 – a 65 percent increase from 2012. Which city is the largest percentage of cloud job growth? The answer is: Washington D.C. – 70 percent growth by 2015.

For more cloud jobs creation stats, check out this cloud job creation infographic released by IDC (please click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via – source: IDC / Microsoft News Center 

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