How Rackspace Cloud DNS Works

If your business involves in running multiple domain names and want to serve your websites better (read: faster and more secure) for online visitors, it is only common sense that you need a system to better control, manage and serve those domain names and websites. Enter DNS hosting service.

Rackspace, one of the leading cloud and managed hosting providers, released an inforgraphic in its effort on aiding customers and prospects to learn more about Rackspace Cloud DNS, a free API services that can help you manage your Domain Name System (DNS) easily, in the cloud.

It’s a great way to manage your multiple domain names, sub-domains, and DNS records in a single dashboard. However, to start benefiting from the Cloud DNS, you need to sign up for a Rackspace Cloud account.

To find out how Rackspace Cloud DNS works, check out this infographic:

rackspace cloud infographic

Via Rackspace UK 

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