Twitter Showdown: CloudAve vs. CloudTweaks

When we are talking about news and blog sites, we can’t deny that Twitter (along with Facebook) is still the top pick for social media platform that can help the websites get buzz and gain readerships. We have created an infographic that compares the Twitter stats of who we think the two of the leading cloud computing blogs, CloudAve and CloudTweaks. So, who’s the winner in twittersphere between the two?

The infographic shows you some interesting Twitter stats: First of all, although CloudAve has many more followers than CloudTweaks (10.6K vs. 4.7K,) CloudTweaks has better followers-to-following ratio – 3.2:1 vs. CloudAve’s 2:1. This means that CloudTweaks is a better “follower magnet” than CloudAve. Here’s one more interesting fact: CloudAve tweets less often than CloudTweaks, but it has better mentions/tweet than CloudTweaks.

For more comparisons between CloudAve and CloudTweaks, check out this cloud infographic:

cloudave vs. cloudtweaks

So, who’s the winner? If you asked me, I’d go for CloudAve not because it offers outstanding cloud news vs. CloudTweaks – I actually read both equally often – but it’s because CloudTweak’s 100+ tweets/week or about 15 tweets/day is a bit too much for me, as a Twitter follower; CloudAve is pretty efficient in getting the words out.

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