Is Your Cloud Dirty?

Indeed, cloud computing has helped computing to become greener. But does it mean that cloud computing is really green computing? Not entirely. Despite the fact that cloud computing allows data centers to be utilized better, thus reducing energy consumptions, as well as reducing the number of energy-hungry data centers, many data centers are still relying on fossil fuels, such as coal.

Facebook and some other big brands are working on going greener with their data centers. Unfortunately, there are more things to do. Greenpeace recently released a report, titled How Clean is Your Cloud? The report is on cloud computing and the data centers powering cloud services.

In the report, Greenpeace scrutinizes the energy choices of 14 global cloud leaders and suggests ways they can do in making their data center energy clean and renewable. Here is the accompanying infographic showing you the status of cloud leaders’ energy initiatives (please click for the full version of the infographic):

cloud computing infographic


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