Video Infographic: Cloud Security and You

The cloud will be worth about GBP 95 billion by 2013 – with 80 percent of new commercial apps will be deployed in the cloud and the fact that 56 percent of cloud users are planning to increase their cloud investment by 10 percent for 2013, there is no other way we can run away from the cloud. The cloud is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

However, with all the goodness the cloud brings to our personal and business life, there is one gaping hole yet to be covered by cloud players: Cloud security.

A well-crafted cloud computing video infographic created by for Intel shows you the pretty picture of the cloud in animation – along with the dreaded security challenges, mainly: Lack of priority over security initiatives, the ever changing nature of IT threats, and lack of IT staff skills in handling such threats. The good thing is, the cloud CAN be secure – your job is ensuring that security will get the well-deserved priority.

To learn more about the cloud opportunities and threats, check out this video infographic:

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