Google Drive and the Battle for The Cloud

Google has been known as “category killer” for some time. Let’s take one of the examples: Web search. In web search, Google was 10 years late entering the web search market – however it quickly established itself and be a category killer, now grabbing 65 percent of search market. Online ads? AdWords and AdSense kill their competitors. Webmail? Ditto. Now enter document sharing and storage… the question is, will Google continue its stride as a category killer with the launch of Google Drive?

To see how far Google Drive will go, let’s see the competition in document sharing. The competition is divided by 2 major categories: Generic and specialized. Google Drive seems to play in the same playground as Box and Dropbox in generic cloud document sharing market.

As specialized document sharing answers most worries about security, it seems that Google Drive will need to consider the specialized features in document security – watermarking, encryption, etc. – to be a category killer. The big question, again: Will Google Drive be a category killer in document sharing and storage?

Firmex recently released an infographic to illustrate the difference between generic and spacialized document sharing using Google Drive to illustrate. Here is the infographic:

google drive cloud computing infographic

Via Firmex 

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