Evaluating Cloud Accounting Software

If your company uses accounting software, you need to be aware that there are new technologies introduced into the market that can help your company to be more effective and efficient managing all of your accounting needs. Hanging onto the “old-reliable” software might be counter productive.

It is best for you, either as a business owner or IT decision maker, to plan for accounting software update, preferably every 10 to 15 years. With that being said, you need to keep an eye on a tech advance taking the world by storm: Cloud computing; and that also applies to the world of accounting.

Now enter cloud accounting software – enabling you to bring your accounting department to the cloud; The right cloud accounting solution can offer you a powerful accounting software PLUS all the benefits of the cloud: Reduced capital expenditures on accounting software, increased productivity (you can access the accounting software anytime, anywhere,) and more secure, flexible and reliable vs. your in-house accounting software.

With all of those being said, the next question is, how to choose the right cloud accounting software for your business? No worries, FinancialForce.com releases expert guide, along with a video and an infographic, that can help you with the right step-by-step in choosing the right cloud accounting solution for your business.

Here’s the guide, in infographic (click to enlarge):

cloud accounting infographic

Via CloudTweaks – source: FinancialForce.com 

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