Cloud Security Benefits for SMBs in Malaysia

Are you running a business or managing a business IT in Malaysia? Here’s an infographic that might interest you, showing that cloud computing makes your business IT more secure.

2 weeks ago Microsoft has released research results in IT security benefits of cloud computing adoption – along with the release of infographics to visualize the research findings. All in all, the results show promising trends: Small and medium businesses (SMBs) have experienced higher level of security since migrating to the cloud. This is also the case in Malaysia.

Check out these stats: 50 percent of respondents from Malaysia claimed that their IT security improved dramatically since adopting the cloud. Adopting the cloud also cuts the time required to manage IT security – not mentioning the cost-cutting benefits that come with it.

To learn more, here’s Microsoft’s infographic on cloud security benefits in Malaysia:

microsoft cloud security infographic

Via Daily Disruption – source: Microsoft 

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