Cloud Reality Check

Despite all the shortcomings, cloud computing is – by far – one big resource-saver for businesses. Unfortunately businesses are still not sure whether they should stop managing their own servers and move to the cloud – for better or worse.

Security, reliability and questionable ROI are some of the areas businesses need reassuring when considering cloud computing adoption. Make sense, but business decision makers must be aware that not taking action means loss of saving opportunities – and other opportunities made available by allocating resources better.

Rackspace, one of the leading cloud hosting solution providers, has released cloud research results, showing us today’s big picture in business IT management: US and UK businesses’ IT teams still spend more than half of their time on server management and troubleshooting. Only 28 percent is spent on strategic activities that add value to overall business performance. This is not ideal: Businesses should focus on strategic activities more than server management, and this is achievable via cloud computing adoption.

Here’s the infographic (click for the original size):

cloud computing infographic

Via Rackspace 

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