Top Cloud-based Software for Small Business

The end is near for install-based software: Cloud-based software for small business is growing in number – and role in small businesses. It clearly not too late to jump into the cloud bandwagon, but if you are currently considering which cloud apps you should sign up with, I recommend you to decide quickly to gain an edge over your competitors.

Your biggest job as an IT decision maker is to decide which cloud apps to use for your company. And yes, although some apps do something similar from one to another, there is no two identical cloud apps. Certain apps are specifically great for your small business, some others are great of your competitors. All in all, your task is not a light one… there are plenty of choices out there!

Well, if you are on the pursuit for the ultimate list of cloud-based software for your small business, this cloud computing infographic can help you shed some light (click for the original size):

small business cloud infographic


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