Big Data Trends in Business Decision Making

Big data is hot today. The information explosion we experience today – in personal and business levels – offers a great opportunity for business to spot trends and decide actions with greater possibilities for success. Indeed, embracing big data, companies can dig interesting new facts from their big data analysis activities.

Unfortunately, not many agree that big data will help decision making process.

Based on a survey on 600 senior execs in 20 industries, Capgemini released an infographic showing you the impact of big data and decision making. From the cloud infographic, we can learn that although show little proofs that big data does improve performance, 41 percent of respondents believe they will start seeing results in the next 3 years – if any.

Perhaps the biggest barrier to better-use of big data for decision making is the lack of concerted and focused collective efforts in acknowledging the facts that big data is an inseparable trend in business decision making. Maybe we can see things differently within the next 3 years? Maybe, just maybe…

big data infographic

Via GigaOM 

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