Microsoft Cloud Computing Facts

The cloud is really one enormous warehouse of data. Did you know that there are 300 petabytes of data in Microsoft Cloud alone? The amount will continue to grow rapidly as more and more people are ‘storing’ their life in the cloud. To help you gaining better understanding about the cloud and your data, this infographic can shed some light for you.

Microsoft are expanding to the cloud and it seems that every Microsoft product is geared toward the cloud, including its Sharepoint business collaboration platform. Businesses are also aware of this, and they jump onto the bandwagon, such as those offering migration to Sharepoint, such as sharegate sharepoint migration tools

Leaning toward Microsoft and the promotion of Microsoft Office 365, this cloud computing infographic by Next Uc is actually a useful one; you can learn from some cloud computing general facts, as well as some facts regarding the size of data in the cloud. You can also find out about some typical cloud computing myths and facts, allowing you to have better grasp on cloud computing basics. Check it out:

cloud data infographic

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