Think Cloud: Yet Another Cloud Computing 101

Despite all the issues related to the cloud – cloud outages, security breaches, etc – people are already catching on the hot trend of cloud computing. Businesses also see the similar trend… non-IT people are now more cloud-literate… even if they don’t understand about the cloud, they know that the so-called “cloud” can give their business a boost.

However, understanding the basic knowledge is paramount in NOT getting into the cloud with the wrong reasons. To get better understanding about the cloud, you should look for resources widely available today. One of the most effective way to get into the cloud groove quickly is via infographic.

One of the infographics you can use to learn about cloud computing is SBS Group’s. The cloud computing infographic is released for SBS Group’s subsidiary, Stratos cloud solutions – so, pardon the self-serving purpose of the infographic…

Nevertheless it’s a simplistic, yet useful infographic – check it out:

Why Are Everyone

Check out our data visualization blog.

Well, what do you think? Are you ready to jump onto the cloud bandwagon? 

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