Amazon Web Services: Behind the Scene

Aside from the ability to access more resources at lower costs, the cloud is well sought after for it’s flexibility – cloud users can access the cloud on-demand or on pay-as-you-go basis. Indeed, a true cloud service lets you to scale up and down as you need it.

However, there is a way to reduce your costs further via reserved instances. Like the ones offered by AWS, reserved instances let you spend less on the cloud. Instead of accessing resources on demand, you can now have your resources reserved.

Further cost-saving benefit: You will receive discounts on the hourly charge of on-demand instances. Overall, AWS claims that with reserved instances you can save up to 71 percent over on-demand rates.

Check out this infographic published by Newvem, an AWS partner, focusing on the benefits of improving AWS customers’ cloud usage via reserved instances.

aws reserved instances infographic

Via Newvem 

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