Cloud Mobility for Small Business

Enabling your small business’ staffs to work remotely will increase the overall productivity by 22%. This piece of stat should be the main reason why small business owners need to adopt mobile and cloud technology.

And it’s beneficial to have your staffs to be able to work wherever they are, really: Your office expenses will be reduced to to less people using your resources to work; not mentioning the Air Conditioner to help cool equipments and your staffs, too. Plus, you probably don’t need IT staff anymore as everything is run in the cloud and using mobile devices.

Those benefits you and your small business. But not only that, remote working also benefits your staff members: They can work at the comfort of their home; in fact, they can work wherever they are, on the go or everywhere they want. Other than productivity boost, their job satisfaction will also improve.

Indeed, the benefits are great; and the trends are showing that going mobile is the way to go, too: Check this out – by 2014, the Internet will be accessed more via mobile devices than via computers. With 3o% of global workforce already telecommute, the cloud and mobile will boost that numbers.

For more insight, check out this infographic published by PGI:

Cloud Mobility = Power for SMBs

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  1. Security seems to be the number one concern when small businesses consider shifting their functions over to cloud computing. I think its the idea of sharing space containing sensitive information with so many unknown entities. A secure co-location provided by managed IT services is a good compromise between the low cost benefits of cloud computing and the security of a private server.

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