Update Antivirus and Remove Malware on Your Business PCs – in the Cloud

Let’s admit it – protecting your IT system sucks. No matter how hard you try to shield your business IT system, hackers seem to always find a way to get away and do whatever they like with your system. Is there a better way to maintain your IT system in such a way that business continuity can be ensured?

According to the survey by GFI, the cloud might be the only real answer so far to help businesses protect their IT systems, as well as ensuring business continuity.

Not that the cloud is safer than non-cloud solutions (some experts claim the cloud is safer – I disagree to a certain point – it must be viewed on case-by-case basis); the cloud-based security solutions can help you save your resources in updating anti-virus, removing malware and ensuring that PCs are operating at optimum level.

Check out this infographic to learn what IT pros think about cloud-based solutions that can help them manage all of those things:

To highlight, 51 percent of IT respondents say that they spend 10 hours/month just to update their antivirus and removing malware. And here’s big market to tap: 78% of IT pros say that they are interested in web-based service enabling them to manage antivirus on your business PCs.

Indeed, the cloud comes to the rescue! 

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