Cloud and mobile-savvy Ninjas in the Workplace: Allies or Enemies?

Did you aware the presence of Ninjas in your workplace? No, not that ninjas – what I mean with ninjas are employees who are frustrated with conventional work environment – come into the office at 9, go home at 5; work in a cubicle; and so on. Ninjas in the workplace also refer to those who actively use consumer technology as weapons in order to get things done: Cloud solutions, smartphones, etc.

The dilemma in business IT is converging into one, single issue: Should I join the bandwagon or not. Of course, there are pros and cons related to whichever you decide, but nevertheless, a decision should be made. The trends say that IT staffs are refusing to follow the wind of change; they want to maintain their status quo: They refuse BYOD trends; the ignore employees’ preference of cloud services.

But before you take sides, be sure to understand the possible outcome: It’s either your IT team to support the business or be replaced/outsourced. Ninjas can be your allies or enemies: You decide.

Not long ago Wikibon released this interesting infographic about the impact of cloud services, mobile devices and BYOD trends in the workplace – check this out to see whether you want to embrace the trends or not (click to enlarge):

it cloud infographic
Via Wikibon 

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