Measure the Promise of the Cloud in Financial Terms

It’s a big mistake for businesses to adopt the cloud based on the cost-saving potential. Here’s why: In some cases, adopting the cloud can increase your costs and may be more expensive to adopt than non-cloud, on-premise solutions.

That’s why cloud adoption should be viewed case-by-case; it can reduce the costs, but that’s not always the case… if your organization need the features cloud computing bring, then you can justify the costs.

The best way for you in considering your options is by measuring and comparing the costs between the cloud and on-premise solution. Indeed, you CAN measure and compare total cost of ownership between a cloud TCO and a normal TCO.

To help IT decision makers measure and compare the true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the cloud, Evolve IP has released this infographic which can show you 7 areas you need to measure before moving your app – or your entire business – to the cloud:

cloud adoption infogaphic
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