How Moving to the Cloud is Similar to Surviving a Zombie Attack

Not all infographics are created the same. We are often presented with less than stellar infographic when it comes to cloud computing. However, the cloud computing infographic by Sungard shows you how relating cloud tech topics with popular topics can make it more interesting (and viral!)

The novelty approach by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention in educating the general public about disaster-preparedness is plausible: The organization launched “zombie apocalypse” campaign, that practically teach US citizen on how to prepare for disasters – like zombie attacks. The premise: When you are able to deal with zombie pandemic, you are able to deal with just anything.

The above premise seems to work well with the cloud adoption. Moving your business apps (or even your entire business) to the cloud requires you to prepare for any possible cloud disasters (yes, the cloud, although powerful, is not unbreakable.)

The infographic below attempts to relate the measures needed to be taken to successfully surviving a zombie attack, as well as successfully migrating to the cloud. It seems that the steps for both are very similar, indeed! Check out this infographic and let us know what you think!

cloud zombie infographic


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  1. Seth Hoffstetter says:

    This has to be the most creatively thought out and cleverly executed infographic I’ve seen! It obviously gets noticed but is also articulates the business’ offerings. Kudos for breaking out of the BtoB marketing boring box.

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