Cloud Surfing Trends and Streaming Media Pros-Cons

Streaming services have becoming mainstream: Not only from your computers, today you can stream videos and musics from any devices you have – smartphones, tablet PCs, and televisions. Thanks to the cloud, streaming has becoming more and more accessible.

Now, due to the lower barrier to entry, there are more streaming services available today – it’s becoming more confusing for consumers to choose the right services for them. So, how to choose the right service, then?

Well, there’s an infographic for that!

Cloud Storage Finder published a useful infographic about “cloud surfing” – a trendy name for streaming movies, music and everything in between right from cloud-powered streaming services. The infographic can show you some important facts about cloud streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify – the price tags, pros and cons. You can also learn some trends in cloud surfing, including how the consumers gear toward online for entertainment.

Check out the infographic below (click for a larger version):

cloud surfing

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