NGO Cloud Adoption Case Study

Did you know how much the cloud contribute to the non-profit efforts? I must say: A LOT. Cloud adoption by a non-profit organization has proven to be life-saver – literally; the cloud allows them to help more people in need.

Let’s take a case study of global humanitarian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization.) They are helping the poor worldwide and in doing so, they need to communicate on regular basis, mainly via email. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to communicate with 4,000 staffs in 30 countries and 3 continents.

Server crashes, work interruptions and so on commonly happen, and they are not measured in minutes or hours, but weeks. Moving to the cloud allows the NGO to reduce costs and increase efficiency – not mentioning the always-on nature of the cloud services, helping them to solve the server crashes problems.

Lear more about how the cloud can help NGO – and your small business, too (please note, the infographic is “branded” with Microsoft Office 365 – but the idea is just applicable with any other reputable cloud services.)

ngo cloud adoption infographic

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