A Safer BYOD in the Cloud: Norton Zone

BYOD presents advantages, as well as challenges for businesses. Security issues, business and personal data mix-up, and so on – addressing such issues is not an easy task. However, we do understand now that allowing BYOD can only mean good things for your business; what you need now is a tool that can ensure your company that business and personal data don’t mixed up.

Enter Norton Zone by Symantec. I think this cloud service is ahead of the competition for some reasons. Please note, I don’t endorse Symantec in any means, but I think this is innovative: Norton Zone, to me, is cloud storage 2.0.

Indeed, Norton Zone is cloud storage and file sharing solutions for businesses. Your data is secured with industry-leading encryption. Not only security, you have more control of your data with Norton Zone: You can decide how and where data is used from a centralized IT admin dashboard.

The benefit of that is apparent: Now you can adopt BYOD for your business with the help of Norton Zone. How? With proper controlling, you can create a separate space for your staffs to access and share data for business purpose and personal purpose. No more security worries due to mixing up business and personal data.

This infographic can show you the big picture of Norton Zone – enjoy!

norton zone infographic
Via Visual.ly 

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