How a Data Breach Happens

Putting your data in the cloud doesn’t make your data any safer. True, the cloud can offer you storage, backup and recovery of your sensitive data. However, cloud security remains a big issue today.

Many argue that your data in the cloud is safe and sound, as it’s managed by a pro, who is perceived as someone better than your in-house IT staff. That’s not entirely true; while cloud vendors’ IT pros can enhance the security of your data, they are not immune to hacks and other threats.

Here’s the truth: Not all cloud services are created equal. Some offer top-notch security for your data, but some others simply neglect even the simplest security measure (such as not to store user passwords in an unprotected file in a local PC.)

According to the cloud computing infographic by CloudHance, only 17 percent of data breaches originating from within a business (e.g. employees.) A whopping 92 percent are actually from external agents, such as hackers. That means, external threat to your data security is far more prominent, and it can threaten your data, whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud.

Being hacked is not a pleasant experience. The loss of sensitive data could lose your business a fortune, and just like in human health, the only way to go is via prevention, as it is the best medicine. You can tap on the power of the cloud by partnering with the right cloud security / backup vendors.

To learn more about how data breach happens, check out this CloudHance infographic (click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via CloudHance 

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