Cloud Computing Job Creation Trends 2012-2015

The cloud will have a big impact on job creation worldwide. According to a new study released on February 2012 by IDC (commissioned by Microsoft,) cloud computing will create almost 14 million jobs worldwide by 2015, spread equally among small businesses and large enterprises.

Aside from the typical benefits of cloud computing adoption, such as increased productivity, reduced IT costs and revved-up innovations, businesses are also going to the cloud to improve how they work with partners and customers.

The accompanying infographic shows interesting trends, mainly the fact that cloud computing jobs will be created mainly in Asia. China and India account for nearly half of the 14 million jobs, totaling nearly 6.8 million jobs by 2015. The third place is the US, creating a bit over 1 million jobs, while in the forth place rest Indonesia – an emerging cloud powerhouse in Asia – will create 900 thousands cloud computing jobs by 2015.

For the big picture – including the cloud-related job growth in featured countries – check out this infographic (please click to enlarge):

cloud computing infographic

Via IDC / Microsoft News Center 

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  1. Mitesh Hood says:

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