The Power of Mobile Workforce

Did you know that 70 percent of employees regularly check their emails via their smartphones outside of normal business hours? Did you also know that 42 percent of employees do the same thing while on sick leave? Welcome to the world of productive mobile workforce!

Offering mobility to your staffs brings plenty of benefits, such as reduced expenses and increased productivity – it’s a win-win solution, really.

Cloud computing brings mobility from Phase 1 (laptops, GPS, smartphones…) to Phase 2. With the cloud, mobility will enable your business to do things better: Easy distribution of information and software, as well as the ability to better-manage and better-track everything. Ultimately, mobility phase 2 enables cloud working – empowered mobile workforce to work remotely and able to connect with your business network anytime, anywhere for collaboration, software update, storing/retrieving data, sharing, etc.

To learn more about the power of mobile, check out this infographic brought to you by ClickSoftware, a company offering mobile workforce management solutions for businesses of all sizes (click for the original-sized infographic):

cloud computing infographic

Via ClickSoftware Enterprise Workforce Mobility 

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