Cloud Computing Job Trends in Asia

The IDC research, commissioned by Microsoft, reveals interesting trends in cloud computing jobs creation in Asia. According to the IDC research, 3 Asian countries to watch for in cloud computing jobs creation is China, India and Indonesia, driving a total of 7 million new cloud-related jobs out of 14 million new cloud jobs worldwide by 2015. Indeed, it seems that the future of cloud computing lies in Asian countries.

It is probably safe to say that cloud computing opens up plenty of opportunities for developing countries with high unemployment rates. India and Indonesia, Asia’s countries with the highest unemployment rates will also see a jump in cloud jobs growth – 98% in India and 102% in Indonesia by 2015.

Check out this IDC’s cloud computing infographic commissioned by Microsoft:

cloud computing infographic

Source: IDC – Via Cloud Tweaks 

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  1. Adam says:

    Really interesting info graphic. I had no idea that the cloud would produce so many job opportunities in developing countries. I would be interested in seeing one in which illustrates the use of cloud services in the UK and USA. I work for a financial company and I specialise in portfolio analysis. I work from the UK and USA and it is interesting to see that in our US offices they already rely on cloud services whereas the UK site does not.

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