Big Data Revolution

Big data is a prominent trend in IT today. Its rising popularity and importance is mainly due to the astronomical amount of data available today – just check out this stat: 1.8 zettabytes of data are recorded in 2011… what seemingly a huge amount of data – equivalent of playing HD movies back-to-back for 40 million years – will grow exponentially to 8 zettabytes by 2015.

The ability to analyze such amount of data can give businesses competitive advantages, simply due to the fact that big data is valuable, indeed – here’s one stat: $300 billion potential annual value to healthcare industry. Wow. Along with the introduction of new Internet technology, such as IPV6, big data trends will continue to steamroll its way for years to come. Read Where big data and IPv6 intersect to learn more how big data and IPv6 play major role in the ever-growing volume of online data.

Want more stats? Check out this big data infographic published by Deep Blue Analytics:

big data infographic

Via Deep Blue Analytics 

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