2012 UK Cloud Adoption Trends

Here’s the most updated overview about cloud computing adoption in the UK: Cloud services are growing in adoption and delivering positive results by those have used them. ’nuff said. Check out this stat from the Cloud Industry Forum’s latest survey: 53 percent of respondents are consciously using cloud computing within their organization, and 96 percent of them satisfied by the results of their use of the cloud.

The main “culprits” of the positive cloud adoption trends in the UK is due the real benefits offered by the cloud: Flexibility, cost saving and low cost of adoption. And UK decision makers are ready to use more of the cloud: 73 percent expect their cloud adoption to increase over the next 12 months.

However, there are still concerns regarding cloud adoption, particularly in data security, privacy and sovereignty. Solving the puzzle will most likely to boost cloud adoption rate.

For more interesting survey results, check out this cloud infographic published by Fasthosts (please click for a larger version):

cloud adoption infographic

Published by Firehosts – via Visual.ly 

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