How Much You can Store in the Cloud: iCloud vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Have you ever wondered how much data you can store in the cloud? If so, let’s take 3 of many popular cloud storage solutions available for you today: iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.

iCloud – thanks to the integration with each and every iOS-powered devices – now has a cool 125 million users. Dropbox has 50 million users; and despite being not so popular, Google Drive is serving 4.2 million users. Those 3 alone have amassed a total of 180 million users of cloud storage services.

You can store 7,000 photos or 9,000 documents on a cloud storage free account – those are enough for the rest of us. Want comparisons of iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive? Check out this infographic:

cloud storage infographic

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