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With all the rapid evolution in cloud computing, the rest of us are left behind, buried in the sea of cloud computing jargon and whatnot. We are still in dire need for a quick guide to help us catch up with all the buzz about the cloud.

Well, if you are looking for cloud computing quick guide, you’ve stumbled on the right blog post! Here is one of the most recent quick guide to cloud computing: Deloitte South Africa’s cloud computing infographic.

The infographic is packed with quick facts about the cloud, including cloud computing history (since 1960s), cloud definitions, the basics on cloud deployment types, and cloud computing trends in South African SMEs. Please take a lookie:

deloitte cloud computing guide

Via – published by Deloitte South Africa 

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  1. Frank says:

    No Words to say. Simply superb Info-graphic. Info-graphics is worth than 1000 words of article. What i feel little missing here is, its Google Compute Engine

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