The Cloud Scares IT Departments

Cloud computing can offer plenty of benefits on businesses. But why the slower than expected adoption, especially on bigger businesses? The answer is probably lies in office politics: It seems that IT people are afraid that the cloud will threat their comfort zone and status quo.

I have just stumbled on an interesting cloud computing infographic – or infotoon, to be more appropriate – created by Dave Blazek for The infotoon is pretty descriptive: IT team seems to deliberately slow down cloud adoption for one reason or another – one thing for sure: Although very important in business growth, it seems that innovation is not for everybody.

Some people believe that new roles should be established in order to manage the company’s cloud; moreover, some also believe that they need to learn more as the cloud will require a new set of IT skills. Not stopping there, the end user seems don’t get proper information regarding the cloud – how they can use the cloud in their company and which services are actually available for them.

The critical success factor for a company going to the cloud is how staffs – both IT and non-IT – are more than willing to embrace the cloud, viewing it as a change agent in growing their company and career, instead of as a threat to how things normally go in the past few decades.

dave blazek cloud infotoon

Via Mashable 

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