Cloud Apps Buyer’s Guide

The cloud sounds so appealing on paper: Your business can access resources at fraction of costs of non-cloud solutions, which means you can cut costs related IT; of course, the cloud can cost you more, but considering the amount of cloud resources you can access, it’s worth it.

How about increased productivity? Pretty cool, I suppose – now you and your team can store and share files in the cloud. Need to work on a project? Just use collaboration apps and you can work on projects with your team spread all over the world. Neat.

But you should not forget that in great power lies great responsibility. Cloud app providers need to ensure that all the resources the offer to customers are backed with strong security measures, as well as extra reliability. However, as many of us has experienced, the cloud is not hacker-proof; the cloud is not without downtime (although technically speaking, the cloud should have 100% uptime.) Just ask AWS customers.

Now, how the rest of us can use cloud apps safely and securely? Veracode published a useful infographic that you can also use as reference card; the infographic will also guide you to understand the basics of the cloud.

A Buyer

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